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Updated 2024-04-11
Developer OnlyGoodGames
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Cuckold Lifestyle

Cuckold Lifestyle is an adult visual novel for men who like the idea of cuckolding, but are not yet ready to realize their fantasies in real life.

How is Cuckold Lifestyle different from other visual novels in this theme? We offer you variety. It's quite difficult to please all players. Some of you don't like the main character, another player will think that his wife is not hot enough, and the methods of cheating are not humiliating enough, and so on.

So Cuckold Lifestyle is not one long visual novel about a cuckold, his wife and her many lovers. This is a game that allows you to immerse yourself in several situations. Each chapter is a separate story.

In Cuckold Lifestyle you will make choices. Yes, the main character's girlfriend or wife will cheat on him. But it is you who decide what model of behavior she will have.

1. She will act as modest as possible, allowing other men to seduce her.

2. This girlfriend/wife will flirt with potential lovers while trying to remain polite.

3. She will act like a horny whore.

You can also choose what kind of sex she will have with her lovers, her fetishes, kinks and much more.

Cuckold Lifestyle is focused on the preferences of our players. This means that you decide which couple will be the focus of the next release. Currently, there are several hot girls who can make you a cuckold.

Brooke is your young wife. But Brooke does such wild things in bed that you have no doubt that she has a lot of sexual experience. You think that she will leave you eventually and only cuckolding can prevent this.

Lara is your hot girlfriend, whom you are so afraid of losing that you treat her with care even in bed. It gives you strange desires. You want strangers to roughly use Lara in your presence.

Sara is a classic MILF who is made to be face-fucked. At least that's what you think. Naturally, your old-fashioned and slightly prim wife strongly disagrees with your idea of sharing her with other men. But you are determined to make Sara a cum slut.

Sandra is your trophy wife. You call her that because you are convinced that she only lives with you for the money. Yes, Sandra is trading her beauty and youth for your money. Sooner or later she will take a lover or several at once. But you have other plans for Sandra. You want her to participate in office orgies in your presence.

Marta is the ideal wife one can only dream of. But you are very bored with her. Marta is ready to do anything for you. This woman worships you. She is beautiful, smart, kind, faithful. Your wife would do well to loosen up. You think that big black cocks will help your boring marriage.

Christina is your first girlfriend. She is stunning. Any other guy would be happy in your place. But there is definitely something wrong with you. You want Christina to cheat on you. And you even convince other guys to seduce her.

Ash is your modest, shy and decent girlfriend whom you try and fail to convince to participate in orgies. This girl is ready for any experiments in bed. But only with you. This is not enough for you. You want hot studs to feed Ash cum in your absence.

Anna is a naive girl who has become a luxurious MILF over the years of your marriage. You can no longer satisfy your wife sexually due to the big age difference. She says that she doesn't see a problem with it. But you want Anna to take young lovers and fuck with them while you watch them from a cage.

Lottie is your faithful girlfriend who you want to turn into a lying cheater. You wish that Lottie would have another boyfriend who would be rude and cruel to her. Your opponent would do everything to your girlfriend that you would never allow yourself.

Lucy is your young wife who learned the terrible truth about you on her wedding night. You want other men to fuck her almost from the first day of your marriage. And this can still be somehow understood. But that’s not enough for you. You want her lovers to mock you and force you to act like a woman.

As we plan to update Cuckold Lifestyle regularly, new characters, themes, kinks and fetishes may be added in the future. At the moment, this game may appeal to those people who prefer the following things:


- Mature

- Legal Teen (Schoolgirls)

- Big Tits

- Big Ass

- BBW (Curvy, Chubby, Fat Girls)

- Oral Sex (Blowjob, Pussy Licking, Ass Licking, Face Sitting)

- Female Domination

- Humiliation

- Masturbation

- Vaginal Sex

- Rough Sex

- Public Sex

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