Cucked Ex-Hoodlum Mom ~Fearless Dark-Skinned Beauty Disgraced by Shotas~ poster
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Updated 2020-03-23
Developer HOSEpanty
Total size 418mb
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Cucked Ex-Hoodlum Mom ~Fearless Dark-Skinned Beauty Disgraced by Shotas~

Raise Sena's training points to change the ending of the game in this NTR RPG!

Kaito Narumi may go to school on a small, remote island,
but it's his dream to attend a university in the big city.
Unfortunately, his grades are kind of terrible, and his teacher has no confidence in him.
He had given up and resigned himself to life as a fisherman just like his parents...
but then a letter of recommendation to his dream school arrived!
But to get in, he stil had to take the test. And his mom went with him.
But what awaited them wasn't what they thought.
A group of women-hating boys were waiting and ready to take out their frustrations on his mom!

No leveling, just simple battles that lead to H scenes for raising Sena's training points.
Change the ending by getting more or less points! Includes adult events during battles.

The goal of the game is to pass the exam. But rather than rushing straight to the goal,
take your time, talk to people,have Sena go through some adult events.
Get one of those other endings.

Use helper characters to shorten the conversations and shorten the play time!

32 base CGs with 60 events
7 endings! No game-overs, but every ending has H scenes!

Different costumes!
Bikini, bunny girl, magician, racing swimsuit, track and field outfit, bodysuit, succubus, demon knight, and more!

Includes a gallery mode where you can watch all scenes!


This work was created in RPG Maker VX Ace and requires the RTP to run.

"Cucked Ex-Hoodlum Mom ~Fearless Dark-Skinned Beauty Disgraced by Shotas~" by HOSEpanty is provided for you by members of and is available for free to download right now. The total size of the game is 418 MB. Try playing other cuckoldry (netorare) and shota free games to find the best. Take a look at the screenshots of this to get familiar with the style, genre and gameplay. Share your opinion about Cucked Ex-Hoodlum Mom ~Fearless Dark-Skinned Beauty Disgraced by Shotas~ to help other players know more about it. Find more NSFW games using search and tags.

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