Classroom in Dungeon poster
Updated 2020-11-26
Developer Chappie1

Classroom in Dungeon

This is a simple dungeon-conquering game of a trustable class rep,
a schoolgirl in charge of medical treatments and a useless newly assigned teacher.

A certain school is somehow transported into a fantasy alternate world.
Students and teachers are scattered apart...

When this newly assigned teacher wakes up, he recognizes two faces of
his students, a class rep Izumi and a classmate Misato...

The three try to conquer a dungeon where an interworld door supposedly exists.
However, before getting into the dungeon, they need money for preparation.

The two schoolgirls sell themselves to ones in the unfamiliar world!

* The battle goes on automatically! The stupid teacher can only advise them to:
- run away
- rush
- just deal with 'em (automatic battle).

There should be other students and teachers sent to this alternate world.
As the story goes on, their fates will be told one by one...

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