Circumstances Of A Certain Stolen Wife poster
Updated 2015-10-19
Developer Rascou
Language jap
Version 2.0

Circumstances Of A Certain Stolen Wife

This 1st title of Rascou's original brand "A Certain Wife" is about the 40-day affair of a married woman with the company supervisor.

In the beginning, the wife's cell phone is bugged with spyware to read all her email.
Undisclosed details and photos she hides from her husband can also be accessed.
25 CG base images. 13 cuts and 38 "photo" images, incl. variations.

The story is told from the cheating wife's point of view, however the game is about spying on the affair.
Comparatively, there aren't a lot of core erotic scenes.
The general ending is determined in the beginning, and choices along the way create mild variations.

Heroine fully voiced, BGM, sound effects, replay,
auto scenario, message skip, backlog, "route guide"
hints for choices.
For those who just want the artwork, JPEG images are included.

* Requires DirectxX 9.0 or greater.
* Please play the trial version first to confirm compatibility.
* Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* Update notice Feb 2016
The system has been updated. Save data for ver1.32 and earlier is no longer useable.
However, skip data can be used. Please download and consult the Version History text
for details. (Japanese)

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