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Updated 2022-09-29
Developer underblue
Language original
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○Children and adults

Original title: ○どもと大人

Mizuho Akiyoshi, a single-minded baseball girl, was supposed to throw herself into the stage of admiration where the prefecture's best talents gather, and send a glorious youth there.
But what I was waiting for was a mysterious ritual without any context.A mysterious ritual that forcibly utilized the fear of being out of friends.Over time, if history is not rewritten, a mysterious ritual that clearly turns out to be a mystery.
It is a mysterious ritual that even adults are deceived with Korori, but ○ who do not know anything has nothing to do with the deceived "adult".It is even more so if you are impatient that you want to become an "adult" early.
The girl believed and proceeded, but the destination was in the darkness of a dead end.In the darkness, the "adult" of the deceived side finally appears.
The world that I thought there was no doubt presents the opposite aspect as soon as the power of the viewpoint changes.
i was deceived...! The reason I realized that, in short, it is because it is too late.

The above "○ children", the structure of the girl to be deceived as an introduction part, slowly and carefully draw out its pathetic end.
Large capacity "Adult edition" will be a completely different story in a completely different stage.
However, fractals seem to be felt.
We would appreciate it if you can taste it as if they are the owner of how bad luck they are, licking it.

The stage is unique, modern Japan.

Illustration CG Koshi Mochi Kinako

    CV Rin Tsukikage

       Hano Amane

       Asagi style

※ Note 1 Please be sure to check the operation in the trial version before purchasing

※ Note 2 This work will be omnibus format.Each story has no point of contact as a story

※ Note 3 trial version per "○ children hen", it has become non-eighteen forbidden (fifteen forbidden?)
    The story progresses rather gently with the non-eighteen-forbidden

*Note 4 The stage will derail significantly from modern Japan on the way

Please enjoy carefully and carefully by all means.


騙された…! と気づいたのは、要するに手遅れだからである。



イラストCG 幸餅きなこ

    CV 月影凛



※注1 ご購入前に必ず体験版で動作確認をお願いします

※注2 今作はオムニバス形式となります。それぞれの物語には、物語としての接点はございません

※注3 体験版は『○ども編』につき、非十八禁となっております(十五禁?)

※注4 舞台は途中、現代日本から大幅に脱線します


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