CHELSEA: Henshin Syoujyo poster
Updated 2016-03-29
Developer Chanpuru X
Language jap

CHELSEA: Henshin Syoujyo

[ Prologue ]

Once there lived a girl named Chelsea.
She had no parents but, the townfolk raised her into a fine young lady.
Good as she was, she had flights of heroic fancy.

"I wish I had cool superpowers to save people..."

Chelsea longed to cast magic spells and do battle with monsters.
Then, her wish came true...

[ Chelea Becomes A Hero ]

Chelsea made a deal with the devil to fulfill dreams of heroism.
That deal came with strings attached...

"Now I have cool superpowers to save people!"

Clad in lewd outfits that invited danger
adorable, glamorous Chelsea's flights of fancy
were grounded by full bokko assault!

"W, wait... that's way too much!"

Huge c*cks plunge into sexy-sweet Chelsea!

[ Events ]

Assault and sexual bombardment (main)

[ RPG ]

During the game the devil will provide support.
Chelsea can transform to solve problems and grow stronger.
The stronger she is, the more erotic her situations.

[ Other ]

Includes: replay / gallery mode
This mode can be accessed with a secret, for non-gamers.
High quality game illustrations (1500px) also included.
You may use them for private entertainment, as wallpapers, etc.

CHELSEA: Henshin Syoujyo screenshotCHELSEA: Henshin Syoujyo screenshotCHELSEA: Henshin Syoujyo screenshot

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