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Updated 2019-10-13
Developer Triangle!
Total size 369mb
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Charming Mate ~Succubus Queen's Upbringing Diary~

From her breast size to her personality, it's all for you to decide!
Raise a succubus through sex in this lovey-dovey cohabitation simulation game!

- Please check system compatibility via the trial version.
- This product is compatible with 64-bit devices and not compatible with 32-bit devices.

***Check out Ci-en***
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***Product Details***
On a certain boring day...
You wake up to find two succubi in front of you.

One of the succubi looks premature, and the other like a servant.
A succubus that wants to grow, and a succubus to help that growth.

The growth of succubus is to become "the ideal queen of a male human."
What she will need is love, education, and of course sex.

'You' are selected as a human representative to help the succubus grow.
You will now live with a 'pure and innocent succubus.'

Give her spirit through naughty things and help her grow into a queen.
A mysterious growing life with a charming succubus begins.

The succubus that suddenly appeared in front of 'you.'
She has potential as a succubus queen, but lacks experience as a succubus.
Living with 'you,' both her mind and body grow as a succubus.
Her looks may be pure and innocent, but she may become a naughty succubus...

A succubus who server Mare.
Due to a certain reason, she appears in form smaller than she actually is.
She kindly looks over Mare's growth, and is both kind and stern with 'you.'
Rumor has it that she opened a shop.

- Living with a Succubus
Talk with her, give her presents, and even touch her body.
She will stay beside 'you' all the time.
Through interacting with 'you,' she will grow in many different ways.

- Days of Growing
Succubi gain spirit through naughty acts, satisfying their hunger and grow.
In exchange, 'your' spirit will decrease, and slowly you will be charmed by her.
'Your' spirit and her hunger.
Manage both properly and try not to get charmed by Mare.

- Sex with the Succubus
Her personality and her looks are all up to 'you.'
Of course, this means how she looks during sex changes too...
Hair color, breast size, clothing... Change them as you please and raise her well.

19 CG
Approx. 150 scenes (tone variations included)
Variation: Scenes x hair color x clothing x breast size
System: Text speed, volume adjustment (BGM and SE), skip read messages, reminiscence mode.

Production: Triangle!
Planning & Scenario: Ejimura
Illustration: Shiku Kaniya
Script: Uyori

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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