Catch Up!! poster
Updated 2011-08-01
Developer dieselmine
Language jap

Catch Up!!

*A full-scale action game with dot pictures of more than 1000 kinds!

*Simple and easy rule: catch the pretty girls while running away from the predator. You will get a reward when successful.

*Features many event scenes as in the normal adventure game.

6 girls are gathered in a tropical island.
All of them have a dream.
They need to win the game to make that dream come true.

If they can outrun from you, their dream will be real.
However, if they get caught, a cruel punishment awaits them.

Run, set traps, run away from a crazy woman and find a girl who are hiding here and there.

Dieselmine presents its first action adventure game!

There are 6 girls that you should follow after, and 1 girl that you should run away from.

Voice: Shiori Arihara, Sui Misumi, Alice Sakurai, Juri Anekouji

For further details, visit the circle's website.

Catch Up!! screenshotCatch Up!! screenshotCatch Up!! screenshot

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