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Updated 2022-11-16
Developer Team_Oricrow
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Burning Soul


Welcome, traveler!

Burning Soul, the full game, is a zelda-style adult RPG that lets you use a team of three girls to unleash real-time combos while explore a world full of exciting moments and secrets. The minigame, instead, is focus on the love story between Ajoora and Axy, show us funny and erotic moments of their daily life.

The world of game: Haumea

Haumea is a tempting planet, with lush plains, spectacular waterfalls, immense deserts and snow-capped mountains where spiritual lights can be admired. But don't be fooled by the beautiful landscapes, Haumea is a dangerous planet. Violent living forms, devious traps that have survived the ashes of its creators, deep dundeons full of treasure, mysterious forests steeped in lament, ancient ruins hidden by evil shadows, and much more. Haumea keep a secret and has been invaded for it. It is the place where two deadly enemies will meet after a war that began millenia ago.

The game plays from the perspective of Axy: a small creature that can change shape when it stores energy. Burning Soul starts with the meeting of Ajoora. She appears like one of the Beorof tribe, even in her manner: she is proud, courageous; but is not enough. After some (tragic) event Axy will discover the truth, he falling in love with her and he will try is best for help who fell the same for him,,, 

But it's really so?

The line between love and good sex is thin.

Will a simple ball of energy be able to save Ajoora's heart from the shadows that she born? Perhaps it will be a disaster announced; but Axy is not alone. Many girl are waiting to help him, each with its goals and fears; but all of them are victims of the sneaky plan of the Apocalypse Keepers...

Discover Axy's past and make decisions that will change many aspect of the game.Uncover the dark intentions of the Apocalypse Keepers and try to put end their threat, in one way or other...Experience the sexual desire that binds Axy and Ajoora through various intimate moments, and watch the more erotic dreams of other female characters.

The game is based on the "Hack and slash" system to create a real-time battle that allows you to use unique mechanisms to win. Create a team of three girls and swap them on the battlefield to unleash powerful combos that become stronger every succeful hit making in time!

                                                             Other Special Features

Elemental affinity with vantages and weaknessCrafting system on armor and weaponChoose between 9 available girls (they can increse with special event) Stealth, some time...Ranged and Melee CombatAchievementsSurvival elements on specific areaFarming system for unlock level cap of caractersJump for reach some zone or for exspand options in figthIndividual love affinity for increase the damage of each girl and the NSFW scenesLarge variety of sexaul interectionsTalk with the girl on the map every time you wants for skit or area tipsAnd much more!

The full game will be released for free as soon is possible (chapter by chapter)

In the meantime, please, enjoy the mingames ^.^

      Thanks to all who want support this project for turn it in a little masterpiece!

- Team Oricrow -


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