Updated 2020-07-15
Developer Eeny, meeny, miny, moe?
Language eng


An adult-only RPG.
Contains cruel depictions. Please be warned.
This is a sequel to "BLACK SOULS".

There are 34 heroines.

You can kill every NPC in this game but doing so reduces "SEN value".
Reduction in SEN value causes the world to go crazy.
It recovers by a medicine or having sex with heroines.

* The wonderland is filled with many fun things!
- Open world
- Symbol encounter
- Active Time Battle
- Collect souls to increase level
- A plenty of optional events, replay value
- You can kill all NPCs, and violate and confine female NPCs
- Back to the last saved point when dead, instead of the title screen
- Multi endings (7 endings)
- New Game Plus: Possible
- Adult scenes can be toggled On/Off

* This game is made of unbelievable unfairness and madness.
Depending on what you do, the heroine may die or become a creature and assault you.

This game's highly-set difficulty may demotivate you.
But don't worry, there are some cheat equipment prepared for you.

[Event Scenes]
117 base images
Mainly depicting loving sex with heroine and violating sex.
No cuckoldry.

More CG would be added in updates.

Reminiscence mode available

Scenario/Illustration: Sushiyushatoro

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