Black Knight War poster
Updated 2020-12-06
Developer MeganeCircle

Black Knight War

* Genre: RPG
* Voice: The 5 main heroines have reaction voices
* H scenes: 2D animation x 25 / Illustrations x 10

A side view battle fantasy RPG where you
can freely select from 5 different heroines.
Explore dungeons, raise affection levels
and trigger erotic content with your companions.

- All H scenes are 2D animation (31 including non ero content)
- The 5 main heroines have reaction voices
- You can organize your characters how you wish
(including guest illustrated characters)
- Doesn't contain too much wafty fluffy text to bloat the game
- Side view battles
- Raise affection by items and through battle

* Confirm system compatibility via the trial version.

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