Updated 2015-01-21
Developer Gamekooboo
Language jap


* Super easy (*1) one-handed controls (wink wink, nudge nudge)!
BIKINI QUEST is a side-scrolling pixel action game from Gamekooboo *

* Story
The tale of a young girl's quest to claim a legendary magic bikini.

* Game
Fight through a forest of mythic creatures with blatant lusts.
Mistakes are punished with r*pes, matings, gangbangs!
It'll take true talent beat off the horny enemies (haha), or do you WANT to get rekt?

Punch, kick and screw in 6 total stages.
Discover 17 base H sequences during the action
and a further 6 gangbang variations based on creature types...
The one getting humped isn't just the protagonist!!
Young girls just hanging out in the scene are in for a long, hard time too!!
Plus, give up at the game over screen (in the full version)... (failed ending)

Featuring tons of hentai:
gapeface, breast enlargement, nipple f*ck, pregnancy,
gut punching, urination, eggspawn and more


(*1) Super easy
"Super easy" means that you can enjoy H scenes without having to beat the game.
That being said, you don't need to deliberately lose to enemies.
Because they'll defeat you often in the course of gameplay...

The actual game difficulty is quite high.
So you can enjoy the erotica stress-free and easy.
As a gamer, you will also find a formidable challenge!

Stage select and gallery modes are available from the very beginning.

Recommended for fans of action platformers, retro pixel/dot graphics,
thrillseekers of escape and resistance and erotic coercion.

* For more details

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