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Updated 2016-12-07
Language jap
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2.13 (519)

Big Dick Brat

An immoral ADV where the problematic Yamato brings older women to orgasm!

The delinquent Yamato uses his penis to bring 3 different women to orgasm!
- His friend's kind mother, Eri
- The noisy housewife neighbor, Ayumi
- The calm and calculated teacher, Yuuka

[Config. Functions]
- Screen effects - ON/OFF
- Message window opacity
- Message speed
- Auto page speed
- Volume adjustment - BGM, SFX, Voicing (female, male, other)

- Full Screen / Window
- Message skip
- Auto break mode
- Text repeat
- Text history (voice playback incl.)
- Up to 50 save slots
- Wide screen (1093x614)

Big Dick Brat screenshotBig Dick Brat screenshotBig Dick Brat screenshot

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