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Updated 2020-05-17
Developer ALICE Made  
Rip by mikocon

Rip by s-hentai

2.09 (459)


Enjoy this RPG full of yuri ecchi!

The protagonist Mutsuki was born in a small village in the north-east.
As she grew up, she became more and more curious about the outside world.
Her gleaming purple eyes would always stare longingly across the open plains.
Finally, when she reached adulthood at 20, she decided to set up on her journey.

She hears rumors of a paradise city that prospers off the back of it's wonderful brothels.
There, as she gets toyed around by two female prostitutes, she is introduced to the world of yuri!

[Affection System]
Talk up the brothel prostitutes, and bring them the items they desire to raise their affection,
and view more H scenes. Events also change based on their clothing during conversation.
If you play too much with them, you might run out of money, and they certainly won't like that.
There are goddess-like girls who will have fun with you even without money, but also
those who will take more than agreed upon...

Pose arts change as you receive damage.

44 base illustrations, 48 scenes.
6 pose-arts for battle + variations, and a battle cut-in.
A grand total of 1301 images!

Included for half of the scenes

About 8 hours (estimated)

[Convenient Functions]
- Perma-dash
- Back log
- Battle speed-up

[Circle's Website]

- H scenes include kinky / abnormal expressions.
- Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP:

Download Asobime from k2s or fboom for free.

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