Updated 2020-08-22
Developer noircastle
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2.4 (1132)


A tickling RPG with in-combat tickling!
Ruana is the librarian at Ares Record, an archive containing a record of everything in creation.
She battles "Buggles" looking to eat the records, while adventuring in various book worlds!

[Tickling Combat!]
Almost all enemies in this RPG attack Ruana by tickling her!
And all those attacks have simple animations!

[Various status changes & bondage!]
Buggles use a variety of status-affecting powers and bondage to unleash their tickle assaults.
Including knock-out gas, forced dancing, bridge bondage, cohesive bondage, wax bondage,
rubber bondage, ass-in-the-wall, vore, petrification, hypnosis, futanari, tea cloth bondage, etc.

[Stage count]
Contains 6 stages, with 30+ unique types of buggles!

[Battle system]
Contains a card-game battle system similar to the previous game, along with an all-new
"Fever Mode", which allows you to unleash magic at will!
Difficulty options included!

[Gallery mode:
View all the scenes from the stages you've cleared!
Includes full-unlock functionality if you want to skip right to the scenes.

* Made in RPG TKool MV.
* For PC (Windows)
* Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.

ARES RECORD screenshotARES RECORD screenshotARES RECORD screenshot

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