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Updated 2020-03-23
Developer Terrarium
Size 246mb
Language eng
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*Ver. 2.00

1. Giant female zombie added CV: Mafuyu Hiiragi
2. Three(exclude special monster) new monsters added
3. Three new boss monsters added
4. Ending for each female zombie added
5. +about 25(or more depends on how to count it?) H pixel animation added
6. +5 new gold cards added
7. Chapter 4 and 5 added for new Ending
8. More Achievement added
9. Changed to New UI
10. Player now can change Window size by visiting option tab
11. Boss trial mode added
12. New Illustration from Kome Tsuyuta
13. New Illustration from Jotti

+30 H pixel animation added
Total +75 H pixel animation
+10 new illustration added
Total +29 Game over illustration + @

* Ver.

Anthophobia is side-scrolling action survival horror.
Play as the protagonist who kept herself hidden in her apartment for three months.
Her apartment is falling apart. and water is disconnected.

Now she needs a new shelter.

1. Please test the demo before full purchase:
If the game is too slow, please go to [Option] -> [Light effect on] -> [Light effect off] and try again.
If the game is still slow even when the light effect is off, then the full version may not work as well.

2. If you are using Avast, the antivirus software, please turn it off:
Avast blocks the game sometime, this could be the reason why the game is not working.

* Please check the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Average play time : about 5 ~ 6 hours


1. Fixed : Dead body for butlerino bob goes invisible during gameplay
2. Fixed : Typo on Achievement
3. Fixed : Achievement was not showing properly
4. Fixed : Giant female zombie's jail door not making sound
5. Added : Aim sensitivity support function on FPS mode(use X key to operate)
6. Fixed : Boss 2 freezing bug
7. Changed : Boss 2's landmine is now breakable
8. Changed : Boss 2's Grab attack became harder to escape
9. Changed : Boss 2 now jump more often
10. Fixed : Chapter 1.5 tile was misplaced
11. Fixed : Chapter 4 tile was misplaced
12. Fixed : Now Achievement "Witness Fusion" works properly
13. Fixed : "Don't play with fire while being controlled" achievement was impossible to obtain while wearing cloth but now it fixed.

Anthophobia screenshotAnthophobia screenshotAnthophobia screenshot

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