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Updated 2024-05-29
Developer Quark_Yifu
Total size 494mb
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Angel_5 Is an erotic visual novel.

Angel is new in the college town and finds new friends on a secret network called "Naughtychat".

Sample Text...

Son: You are the most popular executive I have... All the other executives love you...

Son: How do you do it?

Chia: I want to be honest with you but you might fire me if you find out how incompetent I secretly am.

Son: I'm incompetent too Chia! I took culinary classes in college and learned how to cook.

Son: That's the only "Degree" I have and I run the whole company!

Chia: Ok, The truth...

Chia: I don't know anything about how to do my job. I don't even know what my job is or what I'm supposed to do.

Chia: I'm one of the highest level executives in the whole company and I've never done anything but secretly fuck everyone.

Chia: I don't have a degree or know anything about business and I'm completely unqualified.

Chia: I've never done anything that anyone would consider real, actual work.

Chia: I think my official title would be "Executive Fuck Puppet" but they can't put that on the letter head.

Chia: I feel like a fraud because all these promotions and everything don't go to the people that work hard and do a good job.

Chia: They go to me... and all I ever do is secretly fuck everyone because I like getting fucked.

Son: That's just the way big money works Chia.

Son: All these super big corporations are just playgrounds for wealthy people's children.

Son: All the super high paying executive jobs go to people who are well connected whether they're qualified or not.

Son: All the people that can actually manage things and DO know what they're doing get paid hardly anything.

Son: They all work for one of those well connected people that doesn't know anything and makes a hundred times more money.

Son: It's just the way rich people keep money in the family and things like that.

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Sample Text...

Angel: I used my horny super powers on you because I wanted to do naughty things to you Samantha.

Angel: I honestly didn't know that it would make you love me forever.

Samantha: Nothing's really changed Angel.

Samantha: I just love you and want to be with you all the time now. That's all.

Samantha: Being  totally in love feels really good Angel. It's like I'm high or something.

Samantha: My whole body feels good and all my problems are gone.

Samantha: This is like paradise for me.

Samantha: The only thing I want to do is make you happy.

Samantha: I'll just be your slave and do anything you want.

Samantha: You wanted a slave anyways Angel. Maybe eventually you'll love me back.

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