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Updated 2021-05-18
Developer sangetu-tei
Language original
Total size 209mb
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Angel Lost ~ And the angel falls indecently~

Original title: Angel Lost ~そして天使は淫らに墜ちる~

Joffe, an angel who is lonely in the sky.
His life was very unhappy, but Joffe never grudged about the world.
Such goodness is directly valued by God, and Joff will be subjected to the test to become an archangel.
But the content of the trials presented by God was very difficult.

Under the heavenly world where angels live, there is a place called "Fallen Heaven Garden" where fallen Heavenly beings who have been expelled from the heavenly world live.
There are fallen angels called "Fallen Heaven Princess" who contracted with the devil and gained the power of darkness.
The Fallen Heavenly princesses are tormenting people by using the power of the devil and using tyranny as their own desires.
The content of God's trial imposed on Joffe was that "while keeping a pure heart, I travel through the fallen Heaven Garden where malice and temptation swirl, and stop the tyranny of the fallen Heavenly princesses".

The devil who was present at the place for ridicule laughed "There is no reason to be able to do such a thing."
Still, Joff decides to head to the Fallen Heaven Garden to become the admirable angel of longing.
The devil who saw it, wants to see the moment when Joffe's heart falls by all means, and accompanies him on a journey without permission.
In order to meet the expectations of God, while ignoring the words of the devil, Joff continued the harsh journey with all his heart, no matter how terrible his eyes were.





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