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Updated 2019-05-30
Developer tokinokogiri
Total size 2gb
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Anasteema Tea Party

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[Game Introduction]
When you feel a difference in height or size... do you feel sexually aroused?
We call this "Anastimaphilia" or a sexual attraction to size difference.

The young potion maker "Arnoldus" lives in a large house on the edge of the village.
He has a kind sister "Artiana," and a cheerful younger sister "Valentinya."
They have a housekeeper named Shion as well.

One day, Arnie accidentally makes a potion that malfunctions and turns
both of his sisters gigantic, drastically changing their ordinary lives.

Coincidentally, new feelings began to sprout in Arnie...
Though he will be swayed by naughty feelings towards his sisters and housekeeper,
he will work hard every day to put together a potion to bring them back to normal.

As their feelings for each other strengthen, so do their bonds.
Gentle at times, and lewd at times.
We present an H heartfelt one-shota size-difference RPG.

This is an RPG themed around fetishes for a difference in size,
where our protagonist Arnie is gently cum squeezed and teased by bigger girls.

This RPG functions on mouse controls alone,
and complete simple "potion puzzle games" (easy-mode included)
while earning money and fame and increasing your skills and items
and progressing main scenario and sub scenarios.

Various instances of "size difference" fetishes are built into the game,
through pixel art, pose art, event CG, etc.

In addition, the protagonist is on the receiving end in most H scenes.
Some of the H scenes have animation as well.

Created with Wolf Editor.

- 1 ending
- Mouse controlled
- Already seen scenes can be skipped
- Reminiscence mode
- auto text progression / message skip
- text window hiding

Scenario: Toki
Main Artwork: 7010 / Usagi Mitsumata / Toki
Guest Character Artwork: Cool Kyoushinsha / Ryou Takana
Guest Illustration: Yomogi Kashiwamochi / EO Masaka, Rantana

Main Pixelator: sb
Eye Catch Anime: Fushichiyo
Sub Programmer: PERYKARN

Approx. 25+ base CG
About 30+ scenes
Animated H scene included.
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