Amour Maho Academy poster
Updated 2017-08-27
Developer Mijiishi
Language eng
Version 2.0

Amour Maho Academy

An NTR RPG where you hook up with three girls at magical school.
Make lovers of them, or watch the lovers seduced away.

* Premise
Someday they'll fight monsters, but the student life is about romance;
enjoy the endless days of netori.

* Systems
The story progresses through stages of day and week:
Morning -> Class -> Afterschool 1 -> Afterschool 2 -> Night -> Late Night
Favorability (emotion) and compatibility (physical) parameters.
Depending on which is which, one may cuckold or be cuckolded.
Symbol encounter battles have no game over.
Some failed battles have erotic events, but not all.
Having sex with various partners is necessary to learn magic,
so make lots of relationships on different days at different times.

* Notes
Created with RPG Tkool VX Ace.
Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.
Save data cannot be transferred from the trial to the full game.
Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

* Updates
New event added
New dungeon added
AE anime added
Bug fixes

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