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Updated 2022-05-26
Language original
Total size 5gb
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AMBITIOUS MISSION (related products of this title)

Original title: AMBITIOUS MISSION (このタイトルの関連商品)

saho city。
There was a legend in the city.
The one who has all 12 stars called "Envious" can fulfill every ambition ......
And one person who pursues it appears in the city of Saho tonight ....

"Notice letter
   Tonight, I will give you the beautiful starry sky of this city
                 Kaito Misuarte"

The main character "Nezu Mikage" who happened to be present at the crime scene of the phantom thief Miss Arte.
She finds her true identity as a class lady, "Arise Kaguya."

"We have to eliminate the possibility that people around us will find out even a little.soら――
 i'll steal it.I have your heart and your sigh."

kaguya doesn't want to find out who he really is.、
He tries to draw Mikage into the Kaito club he created to fulfill his ambition, but it does not go well.

At such a time, the "orphanage" where Mikage was born and raised falls into a predicament.
Miss Arte, who appears there, reveals the "truth" that had been hidden, and shows how easy it is to protect the orphanage.
Gracefully, and gorgeously.

"Is it different from a thief?」

"Yeah, steal the heart of the beholder.And steal everyone's sigh.That's a kaito."

Miage's heart and sigh were brilliantly taken away by Miss Arte.

"I understand.let me help you, too.And your "ambition"."

Kaito miss Arte and Kaito Midnight
When two kaito join hands, the curtain of the stage over the "truth" covered in the night of Saho rises ....



『         予告状
                 怪盗ミスアルテ 』










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