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Updated 2016-09-17
Developer Milky Way
Language jap

Alice In Pornfreeland

* Ver 1.04

* Story
Alice lost her mother 10 years ago.
One morning on a visit to her grave, Alice saw a single white rabbit.
As if invited she followed it to a magical camp where it disappeared.
Carelessly she followed still.

Once she arrived in the wondrous alternative world,
Alice had to pay the hefty sum of 300,000 gold!
She doesn't have that kind of money...

* H scenes
Harassment, exhibition, shame and erotic traps.
Town events will level up Alice's "lewdness", reflected in activities like nude apron
or cleaning the men's bath (in modest swimwear -> melting swimwear -> naked).
Enter the tower of inma, a dungeon of sexuality waiting to trick Alice!

All in all, there are 15 total scenes and traps.

* System
Alice in Pornfreeland is an RPG with no pesky battles!
Her grind is the sexy kind, and you can check the calendar for how much time
and how much debt she has left to repay for her foolish rabbit chase.
CGs and H scenes can be revisited once they're viewed the first time.

* Notes
Requires RPG Tkool VX Ace RTP (free).

Alice In Pornfreeland screenshotAlice In Pornfreeland screenshotAlice In Pornfreeland screenshot

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