After Summer Break She... ~Turned into a Delinquent Loving Tan Gyal Slut~ poster
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After Summer Break She... ~Turned into a Delinquent Loving Tan Gyal Slut~

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[ Story ]

Nishida was a movie nerd who lived to watch new films.
Due to his awkward personality, he didn't fit it very well in class.

However, color began flooding his black and white life when
the class idol Kana joined the movie study club that he was in.

She had suddenly gained in interest in movies, and due to his vast
knowledge in film, she would call him the "movie master".

They discussed movies alone together in their tiny club room.
As the DVD player displayed movies on it's small screen,
they shared laughter and tears together.

Kana had a pure and kind heart, and truly loved film.
The two of them were drawn closer and closer to one another.

Summer was approaching--- the two of them were looking to
get closer during the break and become a couple.

"Lets make lots of memories together this summer!"

Both a little shy and pure at heart, they were going to spend
a sweet and lovely summer together...

...or so he thought.

That was all until the delinquent in class with a habit of
"pumping and dumping" girls laid his eyes on her...

[ Situations ]

- Lewd deep kissing the shy and timid girl
- Violated by the NTR man and loses her virginity
- Forced to learn ways to pleasurably suck his dick
- Anally trained and orgasms with anal fucking
- Teased for over a week and then forced to orgasm repeatedly
- Blindfolded and told no one else is there and humiliated
- Blindfolded into having sex with other men
- Forced to live stream sex to earn the NTR man money
- The pure girls learns about smoking, alcohol, and drugs...
and more lewd and perverted play!

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