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Updated 2022-11-23
Developer Vital Horror Entertainment
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Adventures of the Noodles Part II

Continuation of "".

After Noodler helped Human get back to the Earth, Demons started to work on a plan to go after him, on his planet. The Earth is in danger of an invasion. Who will be able to stop them? The Earth would be doomed, if it wasn't for another opposition of the Noodles - the Saviours. They have been fighting with Demons for quite some time, but the real war is only about to begin.

Saviours must try to stop Demons from invading the Earth, but at what cost?

There are two types of gameplay:

1) Freeroam.

You explore the world around you, taking control of multiple characters. During the freeroam sections, you will be tasked to collect certain amount of materials, talk with different characters, find something important, or avoid the enemies. 

You can skip some freeroam sections via Skip Puzzle option in Pause Menu.

2) Cutscenes.

You will complete QTEs (Quick-Time-Events) and make choices.

You can skip some cutscenes via Skip Cutscene option in Pause Menu.

The game offers some flexibility for QTEs, which you can adjust in Settings->Gameplay. QTEs are also affected by the difficulty you're playing on.

If you encounter any bugs that prevent you from progressing through the game, use Load Last Checkpoint option in Pause Menu.


In comparison to this game's predecessor, you can now find a lot of collectibles around the world of Noodles, and complete the achievements. The collectibles will tell you more about the characters, locations, objects and certain events.


The game also offers you to play on different difficulties, including a permadeath. They affect:

Difficulty of QTEs;How far the enemies can see you;

The permadeath difficulty offers you a challenge of completing the game without dying or quitting the game. You are able to skip cutscenes on this difficulty (but not the puzzles).

Game supports controllers. 

You can change button icons and southpaw mode in Settings->Gamepad.

Game supports the following languages:

English (subtitles + audio);

This is a small non-commercial game created in Unreal Engine 4.


Some content depicted in this game (such as strong language, torture scenes, blood, flashing lights) may not be suitable for young audience, pregnant women or people with epilepsy.

Players discretion is advised.

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