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Updated 2020-07-18
Developer Suzuya
Size 136mb
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Acrim Wars

* Story

Long ago Acrim was a great continent ruled by dragons.
Humans hunted them for centuries, and smaller nations came to power.

The second largest nation was the Kingdom of Denon, which suddenly invaded its neighbor.
Meanwhile the largest nation, Raus, formed an alliance and headed for the front lines.

The wars for Acrim have begun.
Queen Liza leads an army to reclaim the motherland.

* System

R-18 x Simulation RPG
Class change, triad of balance (rock scissors paper style), special attacks
Three (3) levels of difficulty, simple and accessible gameplay

Most erotica is by force, not consenting
Enemy soldiers attack the female knights and village girls, etc.

34 scenes in replay mode
Over 80 base CGs

* Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility

Acrim Wars screenshotAcrim Wars screenshotAcrim Wars screenshot

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