Academy Maze Ero Happening! I'm Awesome Dammit! poster
Updated 2011-11-26
Developer softhouse-seal
Language jap
Language jap

Academy Maze Ero Happening! I'm Awesome Dammit!

*** Hentai monsters have trapped some school girls!? I'll heroically save them! ***

I'm totally awesome. Like, duh.
Because I'm a brave hero who rescues people in distress and stuff!
So why don't women fall at my feet? What's wrong with me!!
Well fine, I'll change my job class and create a harem.

Right as I think that, the school falls under attack!
For some reason there are monsters in the basement. What basement!?
My school never had that before. And now girls are being kidnapped.
Something terrible... atrocious is happening to them!

...... Ha!!

[ Fight evil = Look awesome = Beloved by everyone ]

My mission is clear! Now's my chance. No, wait, my DESTINY!
I'm the cool hero who saves girls and they all want to have sex with me!
Just like I always dreamed!

Let's go! I'm awesome dammit!! Victory or bust!!

* The all-new erotic RPG from Softhouse-Seal
* Classic ATB gameplay (dynamic turn-based FF style!)
* After Effects 30fps smooth 2D animation

Isometric view, incredible CGs, leveling and items! 800x600 / full screen size

Official Website:

Download Academy Maze Ero Happening! I'm Awesome Dammit! from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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