Abyss Crawlers poster
Updated 2018-03-15
Developer YaneuraGames
Language jap

Abyss Crawlers

* Game *
A little girl Lily explores around the dungeon with beating monsters.
Once captured, the monster does H things. Please be careful of it.
Let's beat the monsters with robot, sword, gun and trained body.

* Synopsis *
Due to the Great War, human being had to shift their living place
to the underground towns they have created. However, the underground
society is now about to self-destruct. The protagonist heads
to the above-ground world, through the dungeon filled with monsters.

Being captured by a monster results in r*pe.
Pixel-based animations contained.
Over 50 pixel H scenes (still images)

Can be controlled with Keyboard or XBOX gamepad.
Requires up-to-date 3D graphic board.

* Notices
- Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.
- Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

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