Absolute Conquest Prism Stars ~A Free Choice RPG of Endless Disgraceful Orders~ poster
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Updated 2019-11-22
Developer Aria Corporation
Total size 3gb
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Absolute Conquest Prism Stars ~A Free Choice RPG of Endless Disgraceful Orders~

In a destroyed world 2000 years from now, girls continue choosing between light and dark.
All enemies and allies contain battle voices.
A massive ero RPG with a large degree of freedom.

60+ base CG, 1200+ CG including variations, over 80 original musical tracks.
H scenes include lovey sex, humiliating sex, rape, anal, masturbation, facial, spanking, nipple teasing, ryona, and more.
Includes scene gallery mode.
75+ main events, 75+ H events, and other sub events.

For the Absolute Conquest Prism H scenes, you can choose between giving or receiving courses!
Raise their affection, and encounters varied scenes with varied characters!

* A fun ecchi RPG *

Tease the girls wherever you're like (anus, nipple etc.)
Equip ero items they'll feel every turn.
Receive ero attacks from enemies.
Receive ero attacks from the protagonist.
They might climax in the middle of combat if they go too far...

Raise over 100 possible companions, with "light" and "dark" class changes.
Save up MP and unleash powerful sorcery and enchantments.

* Build a Kingdom *
Rule the kingdom as you see fit.
Build taverns, mines, shops, and more.

The rules are easy to grasp, so feel free to take a couple of minutes to try it out!
Save data can be transferred to the full version.

Official site:

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Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

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