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Updated 2022-01-29
Developer Radondy
Language en
Language en

Language en

A Second Chance 0.3


My name is Radondy and I am making adult visual novels. I am currently working on my first game called A Second Chance. 

If you've enjoyed this first version of the game, consider supporting me on . It will help me to improve the game, and you will gain access to exclusive content!

The story

After taking a (mostly unproductive) gap year full with barely any social contact, you finally decide to go to university. The perfect opportunity for a new start and a great way to improve your social skills! The only problem is; the university of your dreams is really far away from where you live with your parents. So the only solution is to move out.

After a lot of searching you finally find someone who is renting out a room for a really low price. And after arriving at your new home, you are greeted by a beautiful woman and her two gorgeous daughters. Time to put those social skills to good use! Who knows what could happen...

But ever since you've arrived in your new home, you begin to experience some weird flashes. Could it be just a coincidence, or is there something else going on?

Download A Second Chance 0.3 from k2s or fboom for free.

Game screenshots:
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