A Little H Strip Shooting Game poster
Updated 2020-09-30
Developer Punitto dot
Rip by s-hentai

A Little H Strip Shooting Game

A retro styled somewhat erotic strip shooting game.
Use the mouse to move and attack and get 'er nekkid!

Mouse moves the character
Left click attacks (hold for auto rapid-fire)
Right click to dash (lowers the boost gauge)
Scroll wheel moves up and down in gallery mode.

Strip Shooting Mode:
Choose your favorite of three girls.
Attack her face and clear the game by bringing her HP down to 0!
Attack her clothes to destroy them! Go for an all-nude finish!

Equipment System:
Prepare for battle on the equipment screen before setting off.
Use coins from Shooting Mode to buy items and upgrade your HP and damage!
But be careful how you spend your money... items only work once!

[HP+] Increases HP to maximum
[STR+] Increases attack
[BST+] Increases boost gauge
{2WAY], [3WAY] adds additional attacks
[AUTO] auto-fires without holding the button
[COIN+] generates coins with each hit

Results Screen:
Get bonus coins at the end based on your remaining life, clear time, and level of undress!

Gallery Mode:
A mode where you can view various illustrations and animations you've unlocked.
Some illustrations must be purchased with coins!

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