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Updated 2015-05-20
Developer Happy Life
Language jap

A Bitch JK In An RPG

High school girl Akemi's libido is out of control.
She was having her brother at school like usual when
all of a sudden a brilliant light engulfed her.
When she got her bearings, she was far from
the classrooms and the familiar thighs of oniichan.
This was Elmore, a land of swords and magic...

For some reason Akemi's arrival was heralded as the coming of a legendary hero.
A festival was held in her honor, and she was shoved off on an unwanted quest to save the world.
Armed with an ever-ready p*ssy and befriended by a buxom warroriess called Pina
who she met in the Orc Forest, bitch JK Akemi set off on a pornquest, hoping to find her brother
and tasked with defeating the demon lord.

More than anything, though, Akemi was curious to see what can be f*cked!

Classic RPG with experience gained in battles and end-stage bosses.
Clear areas in RPG style, collect items, discover a few secrets.

Sex scenes are worked into the main story, and much of the game has a comedic style.
Akemi is the heroine but she's a bad influence! Pina ends up turning into quite the slut, too.

Customize the pace and flavor of the game with options like
- text speed settings
- battle anime effects settings
- message window display settings
and move not just in a cross pattern, but diagonally and with speed dash.
Every sex scene you see is saved for later viewing in Review Mode.
You will be able to get all sex scenes in a single playthrough.
If you ignore all sex events you will earn the "generic ending".

Save data can be transferred from the trial to the full game.

Look forward to scenes like
- orc sex
- tentacle porn
- gangbang
- public sex
- lesbian sex
- double blowjob
- breast sex and blowjob
- incest f*ck
- bawdy hot sex
- reverse r*pe
- double penetration
- bukkake
and more

There are 44 base CGs and over 400 total CGs incl. variations
If you don't want to finish the game, you can still access hi-res (1600x1200 JPEG) CGs of all scenes.

Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free):

A Bitch JK In An RPG screenshotA Bitch JK In An RPG screenshotA Bitch JK In An RPG screenshot

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