-The Escape Comes After The Crime- Imprisoned Shojo & Oyaji poster
Updated 2020-12-05
Developer Socrates

-The Escape Comes After The Crime- Imprisoned Shojo & Oyaji

Socrates presents:
-The Escape Comes After The Crime- Imprisoned Shojo & Oyaji
(-Dashhutsu Suru no wa Okashita ato de- Tojikome-rareta Shojo to Oyaji)

* Story & Premise

They regained consciousness, trapped in an unknown cave.
The player, as the man, seeks an escape, but the nubile girl with him can't help stirring his arousal...
In this secret room the opportunity is clear: before freedom you will deflower her!

* Hardcore R*pe Theme, Nakadashi (Internal Cum), Violation of "Body" and "Soul"!

He begins gently, then transgresses her with increasing malice, violence.
The young girl faints. You touch her over her clothes, then her innocent and simple undergarments.
You insert yourself into her mouth, penetrate her with a large penis that fills her even though you've still got twice the length to give.
The statue in this room joins for fellatio and threesome, the girl is declared a sexual object and in her sleep is r*ped. The assault continues.

* Simple Yet Engaging Puzzles *

There are many mysteries to uncover in the secret room. Explore every corner so you can escape.
Interaction is simple, just click the screen to discover items and solve the puzzles.
(Special: Includes hint system!)
(Special: All movies are accessible from the beginning!) (for those who want to skip the story/puzzles)

* Smooth 3DCG Full Animation *

Over 39 minutes of gorgeous quality, realistic rendered 3D footage.

Created, animated and modeled by Socrates.K
In collaboration with Poka Poka
Voiced by Hazuki Nogami

Length: 39:38 min/sec
Size: 720x480 widescreen

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