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Updated 2021-02-02
Developer Team-weak tail
Total size 1gb




ー ー ー Story ー ー ー

Elise, a girl born with a very high magical power and magical aptitude.
She was forcibly taken to the association as a future saint candidate, and grew up while sending a life of separation and parents.
A girl who grew up following the teachings of the church while having the loneliness that was separated from her parents in her heart、
He was known as "the Holy Woman of the rare generation" by people and was worshiped.

The girl, by having reached a certain age, will go to the trial to be recognized as a formal saint.
You were chosen as the companion of the journey.

When elise was still young, she jumped out of church to return to her parents because of loneliness
By risking his life to help where he was about to be attacked by monsters, he came to be able to give great trust and favor、
There is also the appeal of the person, had come to spend the same time as the talking partner of Elise until now.
There is also such a history, you are just an apprentice swordsman to her trial this time、
He is the only man he can trust, and he is appointed by her as a companion to the ordeal, in a form that is beguiled.

"Why is this man the companion of the rare saint...?』
While gathering such gaze and backstory from the people around, you go on a journey with Elise.
Before that trial, I do not know that there is a mighty monster that should not be usually....

ー ー ー Game System ー ー ー

ル It is a simple RPG.The heroine has low physical strength and no power, but she is very good at magic attacks using natural high magical power.
  There will be no lag behind the monsters around it.

さ The system is violated in the vagina sectional view.
  In this work, I tried to express the state in the vagina of sexual activity(production)during battle using a cross-sectional view.
  Because the male genitalia move(even so, it is not like that the vagina closes according to the movement of the male genitalia like 3D, but it is a specification that only the male genitalia move…)
  I think that the realism came out than the previous work.

ー Important items In the item called"Various settings management","Flash strength","TP damage","MP damage』
You can set each of"HP Damage","enemy's etch action","heroine's resistance success rate".

  - You can choose 3 types of flash strength: normal, weak, and no.
  - TP Damage You can choose 3 types of normal, Nettori, haste.To go to MP damage"usually about 3 times","Netry about 6 times","Rush in 1 time in haste".
  - MP Damage Same as TP damage above.If the MP is reduced, the transition to HP will be faster.
  - HP Damage Same as TP damage above.If HP is reduced, the transition to final seeding will be accelerated.
  - Etch action of the enemy Usually, monsters will use such as attack and magic, but if you set to"do not come only etch attack", it will not come only etch attack.

ま Important things of the item In the item called"Jargon setting management", the corresponding words of the heroine's lines will change.
  The name is male organs and female organs, semen and others, so that it can be set to some extent.
  It is an example, but in the early stage it is set to"male genitalia=rod-shaped thing","female genitalia=crack","semen=white pee"、
  "A white pee came out of the rod-shaped thing that was in my crack!』

  It will be such a line, but if you set the"male genitalia=Ochi chin","female genitalia=Oma co","semen=semen"、
  "Semen came out from the cock that was in my pussy!』

  It will be a feeling that.
  As for this word, it is set to remember by doing or overlapping with the villagers, so please remember the words by having sex with various villagers in the product version.

さ System that can not be restrained and act.
  In this work, in the etch scene in battle, the main character is restrained first, and the heroine becomes restrained when the etch event transitions to MP Damage.
  When you are in a state of restraint, not only can you not use attacks, magic, and special skills, but you will also not be able to escape.
  The command"resist"will come out when it becomes a restrained state, so if you want to help the heroine, please resist.

ま You can use the skill "Do nothing" and "do nothing all the time".
  "Do Nothing" will only do 1 turn, "Do nothing all the time" will no longer do anything until the end of the battle.
  If you want to see when you are restrained and the heroine is violated, those who are troublesome to choose the command one by one、
Try to choose "Always do nothing".   
  If you choose "do not do anything forever" in two people from the beginning of the battle, the heroine will continue to be committed automatically to the end.

In addition, select"enemy etch behavior"in the"Various settings management"in the important thing of the item、
Set to"only naughty behavior".according to that, after setting the resistance success rate of the heroine to 100%、
During battle, the heroine chooses the skill"Do nothing(resist)", and the hero chooses"Do nothing (see the situation)"
When you select, until Elise-chan climax fainted
1 - " To be etched』
2 - " See the state of the heroine while still being fucked』
3 - " See the heroine who resisted and escaped』
If you are not sure what to do with it, you can do so by clicking on the link below.

ま basic CG number is 20 sheets, difference is 2500 sheets or more.the number of sex scenes

- 1 scene from the first sexual harassment in battle to climax fainting as 15
- 30 scenes in the etch scene after the climax defeat
- Villager's nasty degree progression relationship scene is 15 scenes
- 32 scenes in the semen raking event by the hero
- Other, 6 scenes in the etch scene with villagers that occur when certain conditions are met
It is a total of 98 scenes.

※ Part of the event, there are"Nipplefuck"and"Futanariization".Please refer to it in the case of the purchase.

~ ~ ~ Other ~ ~ ~

ま Because this game is made in RPG Maker VXACE,"RPG Maker VXACE RTP"and"environment where VXACE runs"are required to play.
  If you have not downloaded RTP, please download it from RPG Maker official site.
ま Before you purchase, please be sure to check the operation in the trial version.
ま Since there is a possibility to make modifications and additions, etc.update, before it is before your purchase, dlsite.We recommend that you register as a user to COM.


━━━  ストーリー  ━━━





━━━  ゲームシステム  ━━━

□ シンプルなRPGです。ヒロインは体力が低く、力もないですが、生まれつきの高い魔力を用いた魔法攻撃がとても得意です。

□ 膣内断面図での犯されシステム。

□ アイテムの大事なもの『各種設定管理』というアイテムで、『フラッシュの強さ』『TPダメージ』『MPダメージ』

  ・フラッシュの強さ 普通、弱め、無しの3種類を選択可能。
  ・TPダメージ  普通、ネットリ、速攻の3種類を選べます。MPダメージに行くまでに『普通は約3回』、『ネットリは約6回』、『速攻では1回』で突入します。
  ・MPダメージ  上記のTPダメージと同様。MPが減っている場合、HPへの移行が早まります。
  ・HPダメージ  上記のTPダメージと同様。HPが減っている場合、最終種付けへの移行が早まります。
  ・敵のエッチ行動 通常、モンスターは攻撃や魔法などを使用しますが、『エッチな攻撃しかしてこない』に設定すると、エッチな攻撃しかしてこなくなります。

□ アイテムの大事なもの『隠語設定管理』というアイテムで、ヒロインのセリフの該当の言葉が変化します。



□ 拘束されて行動できなくなるシステム。

□ スキル『何もしない』『ずっと何もしない』を使えます。





~~~  その他  ~~~

□ このゲームはRPGツクールVXaceで作られている為、プレイするには『RPGツクールVXace RTP』ならびに『VXaceが稼働する環境』が必要になります。
□ ご購入いただく前に、必ず体験版で動作確認をしていただきますよう、お願いいたします。
□ 修正・追加等アップデートを行う可能がありますので、ご購入前される前に、DLsite.com様へのユーザー登録することを推奨いたします。

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