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Updated 2017-04-07
Developer 円環
Language jap
Total size 767mb
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The current version is 1.38.
Changes from 1.37、

- Fix the problem that the use effect of holy water is wrong.
- Ice castle map bug fix.
- Bolted equipment system, barbarian headdress, wooden and iron fetters, Dragon Fang, shop selling maid knife.
- Drop fixes from enemies.(Giant slime system, Orochi)
- Add zombie La Fresia to the Fairy Fountain.

It will be.See Update History for details.

It is a story until the female protagonist is summoned to another world and returned to the original World.

Basic CG number: 23+2 difference: 60+6 not including standing picture
5 of the basic CG are sexual harassment cut-in and 3 are skill cut-in.

Basically it will be only the event and event battle defeat H and PvP H in the city.
As you can see from the basic number, the basic number is the volume of the short story.
(The author's first clear time was about 50 hours.)Please think about erotic events as often as the trial version.)

Not so much in the trial range、
In the second half, the boss battle and the Zako battle will be as tight as it is.
(In the beginning, the hero's weak status and lack of skills, from the lack of equipment severely、
From the midfield strengthening of the status and strengthening of equipment, subclasses may not be so much because it is released sequentially.
This is a great game, but I think it's a good game to play.
You can become a null game just by mastering skills and status enhancement, and strengthening equipment.)

Also, clothes and equipment have a degree of endurance.
The clothes of the standing picture will be torn by the degree of durability of the clothes.There is no dressing element.
There is a voice, but we do not use only a small part.

In addition, this product is not immediately unplugged game.You will need to work as an RPG.
The difficulty is hard by default.First, please check whether you can come with the trial version.
Since DLsite blog has been created, it is recommended to take a peek before pressing the Buy button in the hesitation.

※ Trial version (ver1. 15)
 There are only 1 production H in the trial version.
 Also, only 1 subclass is freed.
 Before you purchase this work, please check the operation in the trial version.
 (People who did not reach the end in the range of the trial version is recommended to avoid until the capture information comes out.))
 If this works, this work will probably be fine.、
 We do not guarantee the operation of all PC environments.
 Also, please note that the trial version of the save data cannot be transferred to the production version.

* RPG Maker VXace runtime package(RTP)is required.
 Please download and install from below

※Due to the possibility of bug fixes and content updates, please register as a member of DLsite at the time of purchase.
 (If it is a guest purchase, you can only re-download one week after purchase.)
 If you want to buy a guest, we recommend buying it in anticipation of the end of the bug fixes etc.)

※ In addition, defects, etc. will be corrected as much as possible, but due to lack of skills and knowledge of the author
 You may not be able to fix it.Please note in advance.
 There are sometimes people who resent the personal coterie for the perfect thing without bugs、
 Since I do not feel like I can make such a thing due to the lack of skill and knowledge of the author, please refrain from such a person from the beginning.






基本CG枚数:23+2 差分:60+6 立ち絵を含まず
【絵】YU-TA 様









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