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★ Feature length maniac porn ★

[1○a housewife and a female teacher who is tossed by the boys of the year, and is subjected to humiliation────】

○Student friends 3 people group, go on a hot spring trip in the town.
When I looked into the woman's bath, a figure was─────.
It was the mother of a classmate, and Aya who is also an aunt in the neighborhood.
The boys are excited about the raw tits they see for the first time──── ─ "big tits"!

Aya was weak in alcohol,and her husband was careful not to drink.
However, I drink it without being able to refuse it at the banquet.
Aya becomes unwell and vomits in the toilet and collapses.
The boys who found Aya take care of them, but they discover that the bottom of Aya's yukata is no bra.

A few days later, Aya asks the boys to erase the pictures.
It was a heart that I did not want to barre to my husband that I was drinking alcohol.
The boys are distrustful of Aya's pleading, and think about listening to what she says to the story.
──Threatened, Aya goes to the boy's House.
Aya is made to do a baseball fist there,and is made to take off clothes one after another, and it was ordered to take a bra at last────.

Such a naughty boy Souke is school life just being scolded by her homeroom teacher Haruka.
I wanted to get back to Haruka Sensei one day.
"I think it's going to be a tough game," he said.
The boys plan to threaten and humiliate Haruka-Sensei.

■Men (Shota)adult women who receive naughty orders! A number of reverse Shota situations.
- The evil kid orders me to do a class with the vibes in it!
- In front of the boys who were in the park, it is ordered to show open leg o◯co!
- Sex education, practice of "about ejaculation"in front of students!
- A married woman who shows O◯Co in front of the public and is made to okazu of the boy.Forced exposure!
- In front of the boy also, was made to be naked photo session!
・In my house, a strange boy is doing senzuri, but I am made to serve you with a smile!
- Get a forced blowjob to a creepy boy who suddenly came!
- Aya who is made to do lesbian by the roadside!There's a dildo!
- Sneak in and rape a married woman!

- Album Mode, Quick Save, Save, Load function, various volume adjustment, voice repeat, etc.
- 20 basic CG sheets

Image copyright AFP / Getty Images】
- Aya Miyazaki : there is Sakura
- Dr. Haruka: Ye Shi Yu
- Souke : Shiina ten
- Nagayama: Natsu Fujikawa
- Hamada : miruku amakawa
- Kobayashi: Sora
Maekawa: new party formed
- Yuto: Sora


★ 長編マニアックポルノ ★






■男子(ショタ)達にエッチな命令を受ける大人の女性! 逆ショタシチュエーションの数々。


・宮崎綾   : 佐倉あり
・ハルカ先生 : 葉市憂
・そうすけ  : 椎那天
・長山    : 藤川なつ
・浜田    : 天川みるく
・小林    : 蒼紗
・前川    : 新党結成
・優斗    : 蒼紗

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