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Updated 2020-09-07
Developer 肩こりです
Total size 1gb
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■ Synopsis
The traveling woman swordsman siren came to the western continent for a certain purpose.
What is her purpose?

■ Highlights
- Almost all scenes slimy animation by Live2D!
The CG difference number of the product version is more than 13000 sheets to animate smoothly.
H scene of course also moves in the normal standing picture and status screen.

- Sex scene with voice!

- You can wake up an event that has happened 1 time as many times as you want!
It is possible to repeatedly raise an event once seen in many events.
In addition, there is also a recollection room, so you can see the event as many times as you want.

- Items of erotic status of enrichment
In addition to the degree of development such as tits and pussy in this work
You can see such as the history of the experienced etch event.

- In the sex content that I experienced further
The hero's favorite heterosexual type, sexual preference changes!

- No annoying levels or battles!I love this game and I love it.

・No difficult story!Immediately Nuki specification that you can move freely and enjoy the sex event casually!

■ Convenient function
- Recollection room.
- Message skip

■ Trial version specification
When the status reaches a constant value, it does not rise further.
There are some other differences from the production version.

■Character introduction
She has long black hair and a large chest.
I travel for a reason.
It is easy to attract the eyes of men from its beautiful appearance.

Leon .』
Knight's man.It seems to have something to do with the siren.・・・

■Some events are introduced
Being sexually harassed by a customer while working as a waitress

I'll go back to exterminate the monsters, and I'll be seeded to defeat them.

I was reunited with my lover, but I was cuckold by a man

The old man at the Armory also gets fucked.

A strong warrior will take you down.

She is forced to buy a condom by a man at a convenience store.

In some cases they would steal without buying condoms, and it was found by the clerk・・・

I was attacked by Virgin Shota who looked at the body of Siren and estrus・・・

You have to walk naked on a beach crowded with people・・・

There are about 50 events!

This work is made by WOLF RPG editor.
We recommend that you check whether the animation works properly in the trial version.
























この作品はWOLF RPGエディター製です。

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