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Updated 2020-08-21
Developer サキミノル
Total size 1gb
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■ Story■
A former nobleman who lives quietly in the mountains, filana lives with her childhood friend Lilly.
It was a life without any particular dissatisfaction, but at one point, Philana encountered a scene where Lilly was falling.

Lilly had been suffering from the disease for several years and needed the ultimate medicine・elixir to cure it.
Lilly, an alchemist, was trying to collect and refine the material herself, but the limit has come.

After seeing Lily without power, filana says she will take the rest and leave the House.

There are two remaining materials.Lilly said there was nothing left, but filana wasn't the only one aiming for the unusual material……

■Game overview ■
During the battle and in the town, sometimes H scene occurs to lose to the enemy.

The battle is a symbol encounter, and it is sexually attacked by all enemies except some boss-class enemies.
Boss-class enemies will have H-scenes when they are defeated.Also, some enemies that are not bosses will also have H scenes.
The story can always continue even if it is defeated by the enemy.

In the town you can be attacked when you have a conversation with a specific person,and also gather various information and events happen.
There are short and long events, events that are fallen over several times, etc.

■Number of events■
Basic HCG-standing picture in battle HCG number :43(excluding standing picture in conversation, normal standing picture in battle, difference)
Standing picture, not so H number of CG: 9 sheets
Number of cut-in: 3 (some non-H CG is also used for cut-in)
Difference number: approximately 900(except conversation and battle standing picture difference, no necklace)

H-scene: a total of about 70 scenes for village events, defeats, etc. (except for shortened viewing events that end in a few lines)
Number of sexual attacks: 12 types
(Not just one pattern, but it unfolds over several times.)This is a very difficult explanation.
I'm sorry to trouble you, but I think that it is the easiest to understand that you touch the trial version)

It is only the hero of the filana that encounters H scene in this work, it has become the filana 100%.
There is no H scene of sub-character or mob character at all.

■ Example situation
- He'll be attacked while he's asleep.
- I'll take care of the store while being sexually harassed.
- Sexual activity by taking hypnosis and inviting from yourself
- Be flattered and tone will be better, and do the titty as it is said
- My clothes are missing and I'm going back to the inn where I'm staying naked.
- The boy who says he's going to do a massage is going to give him a massage as he says.
- Devour pleasure to a virgin partner
- My body gets smaller and I get attacked by tentacles.
- Show masturbating to avoid a fight
And so on……


The event scene and CG are introduced in more detail by Ci-en.
If you are considering purchasing, we would be happy if you can see it as well.

Do you have this situation?I will also answer questions such as " what is the best way to do this?".


■Notes in the trial version ■
In the trial version, you can play to the middle of the story,but you can not take over to the production version.

In addition, the balance of the battle surface is worse than the production version,and the difficulty is higher.
Please note in advance.

※This work has been produced in RPG Maker MV.
 Please check the game operation in the trial version.









基本HCG・戦闘中の立ち絵HCG枚数 :43枚(会話中の立ち絵や戦闘時の通常立ち絵、差分を除く)
立ち絵、そこまでHではないCG枚数 :9枚
カットイン枚数 :3枚(一部のそこまでHではないCGもカットインに使用されます)
差分枚数 :約900枚(会話と戦闘立ち絵差分、ネックレス無しを除く)











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