【完全版】レティシア物語~スフェール王国の若き三姉妹~ poster
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Updated 2019-10-11
Developer 渡り鳥の楽園
Total size 3gb
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"The story of the Three Sisters of the elves adventure to save the world and travel around the world.At the end of the journey, what awaits at the end of the world__ 」

 Although the contents of the previous Letizia story and the full version of this time overlap, because the built-in amount is greatly different,we will distribute it as a new work.
 For those who buy Letizia story of the previous work, a free coupon of this work will be issued to match the new delivery.
 Please note that there is no omission of use.

 We will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.
 Please take this opportunity to consider joining the free plan!
 I'm home for adult scene full release password limited release!

●Enhanced CG

We have greatly increased the number of CG from the previous work, we have revised the game balance by adding standing picture and SD illustration.
 Main illustration (non-18 forbidden): 46 sheets
 Adult illustrations (18 forbidden): 34
 Cut picture(18 forbidden): 73 sheets
 SD illustration (non-18 prohibited): 25 sheets ※SD illustration will be 25 sheets instead of 5 sheets.
 Total CG number: 178

 Main Illustration by Tatsuki Akaishi

 SD Illustration by Mizuka Sasa


 - Seamless combat system to fight equipped with skills, items
 - You can recollect the scene from the menu immediately!
 ・The recollectionable adult scene is full voice!(Except for Battle events)
 ・Of course all the story events are full voice!
 - If you are not good at insulting scenes, you can skip the event!
 - Explore each region by chapter, you can visit tourist spots and towns!

Image copyright AFP / Getty Images

- Gang bang on the spot to defeat in battle to the bandits
- Service etch at Ryugu Castle(customs)experience entrance
- Serve with your mouth in exchange for water to merchants in the desert
- Shota and brush oroshiecchi in the customs of the village of the hero
- Be noticed by the president of the underworld, sold to the wealthy as a sex processing maid
- Defeat the enemy and strengthen the breeding training of artificial life forms(Beast type, plant type, Oak type)
- Seduce himself,in the back alley, in the men's toilet with a stranger man etch

Previous work total 27 scenes(events with illustrations that can be recollected)

●Appearance character

Letizia(CV.Six, seven, seven)
- Luna (CV.Amane Hanano)
- Marie (CV.Lord Mikami.)
Alex (CV.Mr. yumizu Senchi.)
Albertine (CV.Mr. Kiri.)
Amalia(CV.Sugar shio-Sama)
Juliana (CV.Myu!)
Franca (CV.Lady Torino Yui)
Filine (CV.I'm sorry.)
Veronica (CV.It's a child.Sir.)

●Copyright notation
Music: Hello, HiLi.

SE: on-Jin ~音人~like

This work was produced using RPG Maker MV.

"Migratory Paradise"」
Hayato IIO


「エルフの三姉妹たちの世界を救う冒険と世界を巡る旅行の物語。旅の終わり、世界の果てに待つものとは__ 」




 カット絵(18禁)    :73枚
 SDイラスト(非18禁)  :25枚  ※SDイラストは5枚ではなく25枚となります。
 総CG枚数        :178枚

 Main Illustration by 赤石たつき様

 SD Illustration by 佐々みづか様








音楽:こんとどぅふぇ HiLi様

SE:On-Jin ~音人~様



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