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Updated 2020-02-23
Developer ピクセル定食
Total size 239mb
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■ Side-scrolling action game represented by DoT picture.
■ While strengthening the ability with items to explore the vast map of 1000 screens or more, let's capture all 10 stages.You can check the entire map at any time with the V key.
■Sample videos are under development.It may be slightly different from the production version.

■Erotic anime is scheduled for 11 types.Plus dot erotic too.

■ Damage to surrounding enemies by Escape from H attack
If you get caught by an enemy with a heart on your head, the H anime will play.If you escape, damage to the surrounding enemies+invincible for a certain period of time.

■ Damage to surrounding enemies by returning from estrus
Sometimes the MuMa is hidden in the treasure chest.When it is hit by her estrus beam, it is no longer a place to fight,and the operation is limited for a certain time.
Or cum in masturbation as it is, let's clean up by drinking recovery medicine.

■Play time is assumed about 4 hours to 5 hours playing normally.

■Gallery mode complete of erotic elements.(Not implemented in the trial version)

■Based in the town
The game proceeds with the flow of taking jobs in the guild and solving quests.

■Let's raise the ability value at the inn
Points will be accumulated when the level goes up by defeating the enemy.
When you clear the stage or feel that the enemy is strong, return to the town and stay at the inn, let's allocate the points accumulated by leveling up to the ability value.
Physical attack, magic attack, physical strength, etc., you can make your favorite character.

■ Difficulty selection system of peace of mind for those who are not good at Action
You can choose in 4 stages.The most gentle mode is half the damage and can be pushed without blowing away.
In addition, you can return to the town whenever you use the"Kikan no Chizu"that you get early in the game.

■ Basic operation
- Attack C ↑↓→ → attack in that direction if you put the key diagonally.
- Jump X
- Move left and right ←→
- Crouch down ↓
- Get off the scaffold + + jump.It can be descended from a moving scaffold or a half-block scaffold.
- Walk up the stairs while holding down↑.
- Space key to open status screen
- V to open the whole map
- C standing in front of the object to lift something.C also when lowering.
- Open the door, talk, enter the alley, enter the Warp Zone ー

■ Operations that can be performed during capacity expansion
- Press the dash ←→twice quickly.
- Touch with the direction key in the direction toward the wall with Wall.
- Touch the ceiling while pressing the ceiling hanging↑.
- Jump again when in contact with the wall with the wall Kick Jump Jump.
- Vertical kick jump during ン + jump
- Swimming underwater jumping
・Jump from hanging to the upper scaffold↑+jump in the hanging state.Effective in moving scaffolding and / or semi-block thinness ceilings.

■ Controller support
it is based on the default setting when using the xbox360 controller.
- Attack X ↑↓→ → attack in that direction if you put the key diagonally.
- Jump A
- Move left and right ←→
- Crouch down ↓
- Get off the scaffold + + jump.It can be descended from a moving scaffold or a half-block scaffold.
- Walk up the stairs while holding down↑.
- Start to open the status screen
- Open the entire map BACK
- X standing in front of the object to lift something.X also when lowering.
- Opening the door, talking, entering the alley, standing in front of the object entering the Warp Zone ー

■The trial version of the save data can not be carried over to the production version.

Credit: Facebook)
Planning and production-program Pixel set meal
Graphic library La heart
Voice kimirinko.(Aya kuchitani)
Music, sound effects euhulka, ayato sound create, PANICPUMPKIN, retro sound create
Font Misaki font











・攻撃   C ↑↓←→斜めにキーを入れているとその方向へ攻撃。
・ジャンプ X
・左右移動 ←→
・しゃがむ ↓
・足場から降りる ↓ + ジャンプ。動く足場や半ブロックの足場から降りられる。
・階段を昇る ↑を押しながら歩く。
・ステータス画面を開く スペースキー
・全体マップを開く   V
・何かを持ち上げる 対象物の前に立ってC。下ろす場合もC。
・ドアをあける、話しかける、路地に入る、ワープゾーンに入る ↑

・ダッシュ ←→を素早く二回押す。
・壁張り付き 壁に向かって方向キーを入れたまま接触。
・天井ぶらさがり ↑を押しながら天井に接触。
・壁蹴りジャンプ ジャンプで壁に接触したときにもう一度ジャンプ。
・垂直キック ジャンプ中に↓ + ジャンプ
・水泳  水中でジャンプ
・ぶら下がりから上の足場へあがる ぶら下がった状態で↑+ジャンプ。動く足場や半ブロックの薄さの天井で有効。

・攻撃   X ↑↓←→斜めにキーを入れているとその方向へ攻撃。
・ジャンプ A
・左右移動 ←→
・しゃがむ ↓
・足場から降りる ↓ + ジャンプ。動く足場や半ブロックの足場から降りられる。
・階段を昇る ↑を押しながら歩く。
・ステータス画面を開く START
・全体マップを開く   BACK
・何かを持ち上げる 対象物の前に立ってX。下ろす場合もX。
・ドアをあける、話しかける、路地に入る、ワープゾーンに入る 対象物の前に立って↑


企画制作・プログラム ピクセル定食
グラフィック ライブラハート
声 きみりんこ。(口谷亜夜)
音楽、効果音 ユーフルカ、ayato sound create、PANICPUMPKIN、retro sound create
フォント 美咲フォント

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