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Updated 2020-03-19
Developer 藤札
Total size 996mb
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A girl who lost her entire fortune in an instant..."Liz".
She was alone to get back all she had lost.
Go to the Forbidden dungeon where erotic monsters lurk…

The exhilarating slapstick gag comedy RPG that advances at a good tempo is here!!

[Work description】
The main character, Liz, is a little tomboy, innocent and still"straight"girl.
It is a good turn system RPG of the tempo that such a girl goes forward with an exhilarating gag.

Genre: high tension slapstick gag comedy RPG

[Recording illustrations】
- 5 standing pictures (difference included)
- Total number of H scene CG 322 sheets(there is a difference without characters)
- All enemy characters all drawn illustration!
- Defeat HCG to all enemy characters・event!
・Cut-in illustrations of special moves, summons, etc.

- CG viewing gallery is built into the Menu icon at any time!
- Anytime scene recollection, it is a mechanism that H event is recovered like a bookshelf in the item!
・Combat victory to the enemy-CG recovery in either defeat・event recollection save!(You can't get away with it.)
- Right-click window erase function!
- It's like a recollection room.(This is the one where the collected events gather)
- Bonus elements such as a little bit of effort after clearing!

[Style and how to proceed】
- As the hero progresses, the enemies become stronger little by little, so you can collect materials and strengthen weapons and armor(craft)
You can make the hero remember the magic and proceed.Defeat the BOSS to the next dungeon without any difficult puzzle elements!!
It is a simple way to proceed, so you will not stumble.
- Since CG can be recovered without defeat, it is a specification that can be real Virgin clear, but if defeated immediately kitzui punishment is waiting.It might be a good medicine for Stupid Girls.…

[H scene example】
It is all monster fucking once.(Including humanoid monsters)
- The pussy is groped until it is defeated by slime and leaks the pee.
- Be gang raped by imp.
- ???It is hypnotic masturbation to be put on.
- Fucked from the back by mommy.    ...Etc

- In the H event without illustrations, or rubbed under the desk during the sale to the merchant(human)…
There is a scene that is peeped in the room and is made group masturbation, but this is omitted because there is no CG in human beings.

【Time required】

- About 8 hours+loading elements


- Please be sure to check the operation before purchase.
- This work is"RPG Maker MV made".
- Please note that you can not take over the trial version.
The trial version is a special version with some changes.
If you take over in the manner of other circles, such as the event that can not proceed
It is possible that this may occur.

[Writer information】

We deliver the latest information such as notice, announcement of the next work.
I am going to take care of small things and connect them next.

To make a better work、
We will respond even to small reactions.Thank you!

Eruf Fujiki ( )









・マミーにバックから犯される。    …等









藤木えるふ ( )

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