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Updated 2020-05-25
Developer まんじゅうX
Total size 2gb
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Product version Ver2. 02 trial version Ver2. 0

■ Synopsis
 The main character, who has been living a boring life, meets a frail"succubus"called "inferia", who is on the verge of death and is on the verge of being disposed of.
 She is swept away by the air of the spot,and begins a mysterious life with her.
 When feeding with semen and milk, the body that is thin also gradually recovers and is nostalgic.
 I was pleased to see inferia become feminine,but one day the moon turns her body into a more succubus....

■ Contents
 It is a simulation sound novel game produced by tyrano builder.
 You can read the text with BGM, sound effects, and other directing.Character voice is not recorded.
 It is a strong work of novel color(superiority of writing).

- Assumed play time
 4 hours~

- Number of characters: about 18 million characters
 Simple function part:about 8 million characters
 Story 55 percent erotic 45 percent

- Basic CG26 sheets
 Erotic: 20 sheets(14 of which are female top) including difference approximately 500 sheets
- Game screen resolution 960 * 640
 (Image for the event, character standing picture is produced in the long side 1920, so you can enjoy it in full screen)
- Number of routes
 Branch to all 5 routes from A to E.You can see the route that entered by the notification in the upper right.

■ Erotic component(the component of what is written earlier is strong)
 Succubus, Reverse Rape, Woman on top, harem, group blame、
 Titty, lactation, love, ignorance stew, nipple attack, anal attack, such as facesitting position・・・

■Recommended for those who like this
- I like succubus.
- Reverse rape, female upper, harem, those who prefer group AtTAck(8% of erotic scene is female upper)
- I love living with slaves and having fun.
- Ignorant stew, like growth stew
- I want to leave this world.

・Those who want to dilute the boring everyday, painful reality・・・

■ Equipped with CG, full release mode of recollection
 It also corresponds to people who want to enjoy only erotic quick.
 It will be released by entering the password.Twitter, Ci-en, etc. will be released at a later date.

 You can also play from day 16 with a password after the trial version is cleared.

■We plan to update several additional scenarios depending on the number of sales.
 Ver2. 0 update
 Added scenario "another succubus".
 It is about the succubus"Sia".27,000 characters, 3 basic CG.

■Standalone Adroid version also produced, bundled!
 The Android version that you can feel free to play in such as bed and sofa is also included.
 The resolution is 960 * 640.Readome Notes must be read.
 ※Sorry to trouble you, but it is necessary to introduce through a PC once.The introduction is simple,the method is also bundled.
 ※It seems that it has become something that can not be purchased from the smartphone site.Please purchase from the PC site.
 ※ Operation stable version is Win version please use.

■ Author
 CG, text, game production:Manju X

 Personal HP : 
 Twitter : 
 Ci-en : 
 Pixiv : 
 Phantia : 
 Nocturne novel : 


製品版Ver2.02 体験版Ver2.0

 つまらない毎日を送っていた主人公は、死にかけで処分寸前の『インフェリア』と呼ばれる出来損ないの "サキュバス" と出会う。



 ストーリー55パーセント エロ45パーセント

 エロ:20枚(うち女性上位14枚) 差分含めおよそ500枚









 個人HP : 
 ツイッター : 
 Ci-en : 
 Pixiv : 
 ファンティア : 
 ノクターンノベル : 

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