Zettai Saikyou ☆ Oppai Sensou!! ~Kyonyuu Oukoku vs Hinnyuu Oukoku~ poster
Updated 2014-02-27
Developer softhouse-seal GRANDEE
Language eng
Total size 4gb
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Zettai Saikyou ☆ Oppai Sensou!! ~Kyonyuu Oukoku vs Hinnyuu Oukoku~

Original title: ぜったい最胸☆おっぱい戦争!! ~巨乳王国vs貧乳王国~

Bustchest continent is at war: the Big Breasts and Flat Chest kingdoms fight to determine once and for all which size is better.Haruto, the protagonist, loves all sizes equally. According to the Breasts God, he has a special power which can save the continent, so without a second thought, Haruto starts his quest as a breasts-loving messiah.

This game by softhouse-seal GRANDEE is published for you by members of xplay.me and is available for free download. The total size of the game is 4 GB. Try playing other more than seven heroines and high sexual content free games to find your favourite. Take a look at provided screenshots of this to learn more about genre and gamepay. Leave your opinion to allow others to discover it. Find more NSFW games like this using search and tags.

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Download and install instructions

Game is available for direct download from various file storage providers. Install instructions can be found on developer website.

Game screenshots:
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