Zettai Majiiki!? Ichazura Happening! ~Henkei! Hentai!? Te ni Ireta Nouryoku de Eromero Power o Shuushuu Seyo!~ poster
Updated 2012-07-22
Developer TinkerBell
Language jap

Zettai Majiiki!? Ichazura Happening! ~Henkei! Hentai!? Te ni Ireta Nouryoku de Eromero Power o Shuushuu Seyo!~

Original title: ぜったいマジイキ!? イチャずらハプニング!~変形!変態!? 手に入れた能力でエロメロパワーを収集せよ!~

If you were granted magical powers, what sexy trouble would you get yourself into? In this awesome new game by Tinkerbell, use your powers to drive five cute girls crazy with pleasure, bringing them to orgasm after orgasm until their ripe bodies are soaked and quivering. Features elements like breast expansion,invisibility, futanari, shrinkage, slime sex, and tons more!

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Blood-related Brother/Sister Incest Sex in Public Places Lactation During Sex Nukige Penis Growth Internal Exhibition of Sex Inbreeding Student Heroine Built-in Flowchart Shapeshifting Only Virgin Heroines Male Protagonist Comedy Student Protagonist School Sports Club Member Heroine Protagonist's Kouhai as a Heroine Tsundere Heroine Branching Plot Unlockable Harem Ending Perverted Protagonist Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine ADV School Oneesan-type Heroine Loli Heroine Airhead Heroine Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine Shy Heroine High Sexual Content Pregnancy Futanari Heroine Under the Same Roof Donkan Protagonist Other Perspectives Defloration Heroine with Visible Panties Sounds of Copulation Impregnation More Than Seven Endings Female Ejaculation Shimaidon Discreet Sex Ahegao Multiple Defloration Background Moans Sexual Fantasizing Perverted Heroine Futanari on Female Protagonist's Older Sister as a Heroine Protagonist's Full Sister as a Heroine Superpowers Breast Expansion Coodere Heroine Pettanko Heroine Heroine with Swimsuits High Amount of Special Effects Cunnilingus Student Council Member Heroine Genderbent Sex Nipple Insertion Futanari Support Character Archery Club Female Domination Dojikko Heroine Threesome Ending Dark Skinned Heroine Selfcest Waitress Heroine Invisibility Futanari on Futanari Cafe Pregnant Sex Group Sex of One Male and Several Females Scat Super Deformed CG's Voice Replay Twin Tail Heroine Missionary Position Big Breast Sizes Heroine Imouto-type Heroine

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