You Can't Escape This Little Devil poster
Updated 2019-12-17
Developer JSK Studio


You Can't Escape This Little Devil

"...See, I found out your secret like it was nothing!"

Nano Hazumi is the girl from the house next door.
Without her father around, she often comes over to play with you.
Normally, she just sits around playing on her smartphone,
but that day she suddenly got up, and left the room...

[Summary and Features]
- Progress through the game by speaking to and feeling up Nano.
- Depending on your choices, the story branches off into two parts (Sleep sex and bath),
for a total of 4 endings (endings each contain different H scenes).
- Gallery included for previously viewed scenes.
- As you do lewd things, your "Excitement Level" rises; getting an "Erection" will trigger H scenes.
- Over 25 H scenes, including various positions, play, and perspective variations.
- During H scenes, you can freely strip clothes, choose ejaculation time, and heroine pleasure level.
- Sex scenes all included creampie finish, with different animations for each position.
- Cross-sections can be enabled / disabled.
- H scenes can be keyboard controlled.
- Ejaculation animation progression can be controlled manually, with looping functionality.

* Warning
- Files must be unzipped to run.
- Audio is SFX only.

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