White Witch Soul ~A Resentful Sexual Harassment RPG~ poster
Updated 2021-04-21
Developer Shiganai Atelier
Rip by mikocon

White Witch Soul ~A Resentful Sexual Harassment RPG~

Welcome to a world of swords and magic.
The protagonist is a village-pillaging bandit captain.
However, when he encounters "White Witch Soul" and her sun magic, he's wrecked in an instant.
He is luckily saved by Black Magician Mani, and the two forge a pact to get revenge against Soul.

- A command-based sexual harassment RPG
- Take lewd photos of her, then sell them for money, so you can buy power ups!
- Use knock-down attacks to bind and molest her with "Bondage Mode"!
- Take down White Witch Soul, and rape her!
- Playtime to collect all CG: Approx. 1 hour

Made in RPG TKool MV
1280x720 resolution


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