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Updated 2021-04-19
Developer Seinakai
Rip by mikocon


Rip by mikocon

We Have a Female Package For You!

概要 Overview

Flirting life with the girl who has been home delivery ♪
Touch it anytime, anywhere!
Etch is also possible to like in the prank mode♪
The reaction of the girl will also change in favorability♪
what a full animation!
let's feel better together』


Everyday is mundane and boring.
You (the main character) who sends such days was hungry for stimulation.
there's an email..........。

"Send your favorite cute daughter』

I will reply to the email of the suspicious fully open with Nori.
However, he did not appear to have been infected with the virus in particular.

A few days later, the door chimes.
When I opened the door......

"We've been delivered!』

You are confused and naughty.
However, I decided to put it in the house without leaving it alone.

and start ... your flirting sweet life with a girl………

"We'll be together forever......?hehehe♪』

ー H Scene

A cute girl and earnestly flirting.
You can etch as much as you like in the prank mode.
if you think you don't know anything, it's a big mistake!
i will seduce you by purchasing information before i know it!?
In various situations, let's become comfortable together♪


"Mikan (name can be changed)" (CV: 皐月メイ)
The girl who has been home delivery.
It is not known where he came from.
Friendly and playful.
At first, he is not educated, but he buys information from somewhere.

"Master(you can change the name to call)』
The main character.
There is no stimulation in the day-to-day, and I fantasize that a girl will not come down from the sky.
It did not shake from the sky, but the girl was delivered home.
I do a H thing to a girl who does not know anything while being confused.


Begin your lovey life with a cute girl that's been delivered right to your door!
Feel her up wherever, whenever!
Enter teasing mode to jump into H at your leisure!
Watch her reactions change as you raise her Affection!
And with full-animation!

It was just another ordinary day, like any other.
But it all changed with that suspicious email...
"We'll deliver your ideal girl to you".
You decide to play along, and respond.

And top your surprise, some days later, you hear the doorbell ring...
It's the girl of your dreams! And it's not a hoax!
She makes herself at home, and begins her lovey life together with you.
"We'll be together forever. Hehehe!"

[H Scenes]
Featuring lots of lovey situations with a cute girl that looks innocent,
but seems to catch on quick when it comes to sex!

Mikan (name can be changed)
CV: Mei Satsuki
A playful and sociable girl that got delivered to you from... somewhere.

(Protagonist / name can be changed)
A working stiff that wishes a girl would just fall from the sky madly in love with him.
Well, she got delivered to his door. Close enough.

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