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Updated 2023-06-30
Developer vanrobami
Language en
Total size 1gb
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How it starts;

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where most deities didn't survive the end of the world. A young lady (our protagonist) is found taking a bath in the nature by a group of gods, and her beauty is so captivating that they think she would be the perfect Aphrodite, as they are still looking for one. 

She is given one mission to prove she is worthy of being the new icon of beauty and love; she has to choose a partner between the other gods and goddesses, to be the other half needed to create Eros, as love is needed for the rebirth of our world.

Our protagonist gets part of Aphrodite's mind, but doesn't have any memories related Eros, so she has no idea where to start.

Current features;Common route.Customizable and nameable protagonist. You can choose between three hairstyles, three hair colors, and three skintones.6 CGs, one with NSFW, unless the NSFW is turned off by the player.Choices!!!3 love interests you can interact with, out of 6. (Three on the beginning of the game, 2 after the first playthrough, and 1 after finishing all the other routes).1 (Bad) ending, but if you choose correctly the game will tell you which route you entered.A super cool soundtrack thanks to , specially .Plans for the future;I plan on finishing at least one route by the end of this summer.Fix everything that looks wrong right now. (I'm so sorry)Lot's of endings for each character, so you can feel like your choices matter.My friend's music as part of the soundtrack (Their music is too cool for background music so I'm saving it for the good endings, ).

Currently I'm only one person working on this, so things might change.

Content Warning;Mild language.Use of alcohol, there is a character that smokes.NSFW content, even if disabled, suggestive themes.Swearing.Social media

(for the game, and future games). Perfect place for suggestions.

 (as an artist).

 (as an artist).

 (as an artist).

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