Updated 2021-05-22
Developer Organic Vegetable Garden
Rip by mikocon


This work is created in RPG Maker MV.

■ Synopsis
 There is magic, a world that some people in power are hiding it.Among those who do not know magic, there are those who wield the power of magic purchased from somewhere to satisfy their personal interests.
 Those who use magic to stop them.An agent of the so-called"agency", Yukine and Natsuzu headed to an undercover investigation to a certain wealthy person.However, it was a despicable trap that was waiting for them......Yukine and Natsume who get caught.And Yukine is forced to make a certain choice.

 There are people who want to protect more than the world.If that is the case, you can do whatever you want.

■ Game system
- Synthesize and create strong items! 
 By synthesizing various material items, Yukine can create various items.Respond to the opponent's weaknesses and tactics, let's advance the war situation advantageously!
- Spy search system
 If you are found by enemies wandering through the dungeon, you will be forced to wear and tear.Avoid enemies as much as possible and use the terrain to advance!
- Level up system abolished!
 There is no level up this time.Therefore, there is no need for troublesome leveling at all!
- There are also cheat items this time!
 It is also possible to clear crispy with cheat items! In addition, the recollection fully open button is also for those who release recollection is troublesome!

■ H scene is 35, difference CG is more than 200 sheets!

■ Scene contents
 - Blowjob service to get information
 - Caught by the machine to patrol, nipple brush blame
 - Defeated by the succubus and fascinated by memory tampering
 - tied to a mechanical chair, visor brainwashed.
 - Puppetry
 - Obedient meat doll
 - Biological unit
 - Evil has fallen......!?

■Added chapter "New Religion edition"added!
 It is a scenario that is only possible with a simple search! In the main story, Yukine, who was so brave, is brainwashed and becomes a puppet of the cult, it has become a slightly different scenario from the main story!
 A spy who is brainwashed by religion......You can enjoy the state of falling to the place where you fall!





 チートアイテムによるサクサククリアも可能です! さらに回想の解放が面倒な方向けに回想全開放ボタンも!



■追加chapter 『新興宗教編』追加!
 簡単な探索のみで可能なシナリオです! 本編ではあんなに気丈だった雪音さんが無様に洗脳されて教団の操り人形になってしまう、本編とはちょっと変わったシナリオとなっております!

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