Two Heroes, a Demon, and My Big Dick are All I Need to Make a Dark Harem Army! poster
Updated 2021-12-01
Developer Norn/Miel/Cybele


Two Heroes, a Demon, and My Big Dick are All I Need to Make a Dark Harem Army!

Impregnate heroes and demons to create the ultimate army and push your desires
to their absolute limit!

Summoned to another world by a powerful demon, a man finds himself at odds with
retired hero of legend Lucia and the current hero, her daughter Sara. But with none of the
expected parallel world advantages, he goes down in one hit and is left by the wayside.
Defeat here would be a death sentence, so he concocts a plan -- take Lucia hostage and
teach her a thing or two with his d*ck! Now she's loyal only to him, and he impregnates her
as part of phase 2 of his plan to create a dark harem army and walk the path of depravity!

The former hero, Lucia...
her daughter and current hero, Sara...
And the cold, capable demon lord, Karla...

They're all as strong as they are beautiful... but they're no match for your d*ck!
With your powers of penile persuasion, no one can stop your plan to rule the world!

Features dozens of erotic situations -- titjobs, cosplay, vacuum blowjobs, and more!

28 base CGs!
Multiple modes of play!
Uncensored dialogue!

[Voice Acting]
Lucia: Kyouko Nagahara
Karla: Haruno Sakaki
Sara: Ai Umehara

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