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Updated 2021-11-13
Developer maniarju

Twin Stars Nightmare Part2 ~English version~

(English product description provided by the creator)

The story of sisters fighting monsters who manipulate horrifying tentacles to save the fairy of the land of dreams-Part 2-

The purpose of Nightmare to plunge the world into darkness was to absorb magical power while the magical girls were sleeping.
The Twin Stars sisters, who were the first to detect the purpose of Nightmare, save the magical girls who are suffering damage in various places.

However, Poco, the fairy of the land of dreams, lost communication while searching for a magical girl.
And ... the Twin Stars meet Serena, a magical girl who has been brainwashed by Nightmare.

According to Serena, Poco is about to be captured by Nightmare and transformed into a horrifying monster.

The Twin Stars try to find Poco's whereabouts from Serena, but she says she's on one of two paths.
She can rescue Poco if she chooses the correct path, but in the back of the wrong path, Serena is waiting with a terrifying monster.

If you choose the wrong path and lose time, Poco will be transformed into a monster in the meantime.

So the Twin Stars sisters split into two and went looking for Poco.

The harsh battle of the Twin Stars is about to begin to rescue Poco and free Serena from her brainwashing.

-------------------------------------------------- -------

The first part was an action, but the second part is an RPG.

The battle system is ATB battle, which is a side view.
Since it is a side view battle, there are also enemy erotic attacks like action games.

If you lose to the enemy, the game is over and the erotic scene begins.

The erotic scenes are much longer and more voluminous than the first part, and each scene moves with animation.

Mainly as a situation
・ Tentacles
・ Heterogeneous rape
・ Mushikan
・ Energy drain
・ Ryona
・ Pee incontinence peeing ※ There is some scat expression such as defecation
・ Untransformation
・ Tentacles penetrate the body
・ Spawning & childbirth
・ Bote belly
・ brainwashing
・ Body modification
・ Marunomi
・ Suffocation

Also, the first part has a very heavy capacity, and there was a problem that it did not work well on old PCs, but the second part is quite compact, and it seems that it basically works without problems.
I don't think there is any problem unless it is a very old computer, but please check the operation with the trial version just in case.

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